Research Portal features

The table below provides a complete overview of the various options for the Research Platform.
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Project settings 
   Participant invitesDefault 4000
   Dashboard accessDefault 1.5 years
   BackfillDefault 2 years
Form settings 
   Multi-language supportDefault EN, NL, FR
   Custom logo 
   Custom intro page 
   Custom acknowledgement page 
Brands  (i)  
   Missing one? Please let us know 
Optional fields 
   Heart rate 
   Stance time 
   Stance time percent 
   Vertical Oscillation 
   Heart rate variability 
Pseudonymised fields 
   Elapsed time 
   Lat, Lon converted to meters 
   Geohashed coordinates 
Advanced Attributes 
   Performance profile 
   Speed distribution 
   Performance index 
   Speed variation index 
   Intensity score 
   Run style 
   Run duration 
   Run distance 
   Activity classification 
   Workout type 
    Do you need additional custom variables? Please let us know. 
Export options 
   Session metadata 
   Subject profile 
   Clean records 
   Session speed 
   Session interval