A cloud service dedicated to simplify, boost and advance research with wearable devices


Accelerate Productivity & Obtain high-quality data


Scale your research,
study millions activities

Your participants collect activity data with smartphones, sports watches and other wearable technology on a daily basis. Why not use this objective activity data for scientific research? The large datasets allow you to study complex multifaceted constructs such as injury risk, performance, training behaviour and motivation. The ResearchCloud will provide you with the capacity to process large datasets. 

Save time

Developing algorithms to read and clean the noisy activity data will waste on average 70% of the time for an experienced researcher or data scientist. Processing the full training history of more than 200 participants will overload your computer for a couple of days just to preprocess the data. The computational power and advanced algorithms of the ResearchCloud will help you out. You can now process datasets you have never processed before.

Gain detailed insights

Support all major brands and database structures

Don’t bother about it. The ResearchCloud will collect the data for you. 

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