Our Privacy Policy supports European data protection laws. The subjects are those who carry out a test or share their data. The clients (mostly health professionals/ scientists/ other organizations) are those who purchase products or services of Move-Metrics. Here are a few of our fundamental privacy principles:

  • Your privacy is critically important to us and we handle your information accordingly.
  • Information you upload or share with Move-Metrics may be seen by those who have the right to see it. Users will be notified on who is able to view/use or share the data every time new data is shared with Move-Metrics and can change privacy preferences at any time.
  • The subject allows our clients to view and use the data.
  • The user or client can let his data be removed at any time.
  • Personal data will be pseudomized and stored anonymized where possible.
  • Specific personal user details will be available for 7 days in a secured environment.
  • Data will be stored encrypted.
  • We aggregate and compare data purely with the intention of improving our products.